And The Fans Roared

And The Fans Roared

And The Crowd Goes Wild left sports fans clamoring for more of the thrilling events that brought them to the edge of their seats. And The Fans Roared delivers.

In gripping style and featuring the riveting stories that bring you back to the moment, acclaimed sports photographs and two audio CDs containing the announcers' surprised, amazed and awestruck calls narrated by award-winning sports journalist Bob Costas, And The Fans Roared delivers more than forty of the most spine-tingling sports moments ever broadcast.

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"Following up on the one-two punch they delivered in last year's bestselling And the Crowd Goes Wild, Garner and Costas stick to the winning formula: a coffee-table compilation of great moments in sports with a companion two-CD collection of original broadcasts of those events. Bottom Line: Sports paradise."
– People Magazine

"In words, images, and recordings of the actual broadcasts, the 20th century's greatest sports moments come alive in And the Fans Roared, from the same team that produced the bestseller And the Crowd Goes Wild. A sports fan's dream."
– Barnes & Noble

"Garner knows that great sports moments are as personal as they are universal…as he proved first with his bestselling And the Crowd Goes Wild and as he does, once again, with inimitable flair and momentum, in this spectacular companion containing more of those fateful seconds of history… Garner makes each singular experience as fresh and hair-raising as it was originally."
– Publishers Weekly